Results from Terry’s Top Sales Training Programs

How much can the best sales training and reinforcement improve your complex sales?

Terry has worked with over 2000 organizations to deliver results that include:

  • Higher value sales as the sales people learn to effectively articulate their differentiators
  • Shorter sales cycles because you’re talking to the right prospect and their real motivation to change.

“Once you master this way of selling, you get your dignity back as a sales person. Everyone likes to spend time with prospects who recognize their differentiating value, so now we only seek to talk to them, not everyone else. Not everyone is a prospect. Terry showed us how to find the qualified ones quickly. … I have worked with Terry for over 25 years. His methodology, to understand a customer’s pain and what they are giving up by not doing business with you, is genius.”

– Mark Thompson, Senior Partner, Decision Processes International

“During the years we’ve been working with Slattery Sales Group and Terry, close to 100 of our internal representatives, sales managers, and account managers have gone through his Sales Mastery program. Given their success and the agents’ consistent, highest ranking of Terry as a speaker, we want to continue exposing our independent agents to his innovative sales tactics.”

– BlueCross Blue Shield, Sales Executive

“Prospecting for ‘no’ truly shortens your sales cycle. I love it when I give the prospect the permission to say ‘no’ and they do, because it intrigues them to wonder, ‘What are you going to do next?’ Terry taught me how to develop relationships in a very non-threatening manner, how to nurture and ask questions without being an interrogator, how to ask business appropriate questions no matter how sensitive the subject might be, and how to be a consultative sales person.”

– Cory Miller, Coldwell Banker Commercial, Griffin Companies

“The biggest difference for me was Terry’s assistance in defining and succinctly articulating what my product’s differentiating value (DV) truly is. Slattery Sales Group’s ability to assist in defining and driving a company’s differentiating value into the sales process is one of a kind. The single best and most influential investment of my professional career has been working with Slattery.”

– Don Stewart, Healthland