Winning Complex Sales – The answer is here!

Winning Complex Sales – The answer is here!

People have paid thousands to hear Terry Slattery present his proven principles to win complex sales, and now you have the opportunity to learn from a sales training master through The Cinnamon Story.

  • What is your differentiating value?
  • Who is the emotional customer and the logical customer?
  • How do you communicate your DV through smart sales questions?
  • How do you take price out of the equation?

Follow the story of Avery, a cinnamon supplier who walks into Terry’s office one day after losing his largest customer to a low-cost supplier. Or did he? In this business fable, Terry insists not all is lost when you learn that sales is at least three-fourths strategy and only one-fourth sales negotiation. With his hard-won sales wisdom and flair for storytelling, Terry walks readers through the steps of identifying their differentiating value and winning complex sales.

If you’re sick of losing to commodities and the low-balling competitors in your industry, it’s time to read The Cinnamon Story and take a fresh look at your competitive value.

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